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    Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce
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    Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Job Description The Executive Director provides for the Board of Directors information, facts, advice and recommendations. Guided by this information the Board makes decisions. Although the Executive Director participates in the discussions leading to the decisions, once a decision is made it is the Executive Director's job to implement the decision. The Executive Director serves as the Chamber of Commerce ambassador, maintains the organization?s office, and assists the Board of Directors in carrying out the goals and objectives of the membership through various activities. The Executive Director encourages networking among members and provides continuity among all Chamber functions. GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Conduct oneself in a responsible manner that positively reflects upon the Chamber. As an ambassador of the Chamber of Commerce, at all times dress and act in an appropriate manner, maintaining a professional demeanor. 2. Maintain regular office hours, making the Chamber office available to walk-in and telephone customers as much as possible (see Position Hours). 3. Under the direction of the Board, supervise all staff (including volunteers). 4. Maintain updated display of visitor information and fill requests for tourist information packets. 5. Report to the Board all pertinent Chamber business that has ensued between monthly meetings. 6. Notify committee members and the Chairman of meeting times and places, and cancellation of meetings. 7. Provide office/secretarial support as requested by committee chairs with approval from the Chairman. 8. Attend all General and Board Meetings. 9. With Board approval attends seminars and other meetings that are compatible with the mission of the Chamber. 10. Monitor all contracts, lease and agreements between the Chamber and other entities. 11. Monitor all correspondence and telephone requests and within one week follow-up, as necessary, either by direct response or by referral to a Board member. 12. Ensure the security of the Chamber of Commerce keys while making them available for renters of the facilities. If the Executive Director is unavailable, he/she is to make the key(s) available through another board member, preferably the Chairman. 13. Attend City Council meetings as well as Planning and Parks Advisory as necessary to keep the Chamber informed of critical business issues. 14. Attend committee meetings to advise and assist as needed. FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Together with the Treasurer monitor all Chamber income and expenses. 2. Together with the Treasurer, continually update the status of the computerized budget and provide printouts as requested by the Board of Directors. 3. Prepare and control an annual budget. 4. Prepare checks for authorized signatures. 5. Prepare and send membership dues statements and collect dues. 6. Collect other payments due to the Chamber in conjunction with its activities. MEMBERSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Develop and maintain a current list of Chamber of Commerce members and make available to Board members upon request. 2. Within two weeks of becoming aware of a business in the community give all available information to the Membership Committee chairperson. 3. Prepare and deliver information packets to businesses new to the area. 4. Provide new members with information packets. Develop, maintain, and make available to Board members a current list of all committees and their memberships. 5. Continually motivate members to be active on committees, and inspire members to assume leadership roles in the organization. MARKETING RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Serve as the spokesperson for the organization and provide other public relations responsibilities as they arise. 2. Recruit new businesses in Chamber membership. 3. Prepares, or directs preparation of official publications of the Chamber including pamphlets, newsletters, web updates, and newspaper articles. 4. Distributes in a timely manner publications including the newsletter, calendar of events, and announcements to the membership. 5. Schedule monthly meeting programs and periodic seminars that appeal to the current interests of the business community with advice and counsel from Executive Director and /or Board. 6. Assist the Chairman in compiling an Annual Chamber of Commerce review for publication/airing in appropriate media. (Examples: CREDC publication, news media, radio.) TOURISM RESPONSIBILITIES Administer and facilitate the implementation of tourism related event(s) as directed by the Board, in accordance with the recommendation of the Hotel/Motel Tax Committee, subject to City approval. POSITION HOURS 1. Minimum regular hours are: 9:00 a.m. and 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. (Lunch: 12 noon to 1 p.m. often includes lunch meetings. 2. This is an exempt position. Overtime or compensatory hours are a function of time management rather than compensation. Extraordinary or unanticipated issues (such as Harvest Days) can be negotiated with the Chairman and Board as required. 3. The Executive Director is to ensure the office is covered by an assistant or volunteer when out of the office. 4. The Executive Director is expected to attend Chamber sponsored events. QUALIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, the Executive Director must be able to perform each of the duties associated with the aforementioned responsibilities satisfactorily. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the duties of the position. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Desirable education and experience include: * Bachelor's Degree in business, marketing, or non-profit or other related field of study and two years related experience or the equivalent combination of education and experience. * Experience with non-profits, chambers of commerce, economic development and event planning. * Personnel management and daily supervision of staff. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: The physical demands described herein are those that must be met to successfully perform the duties of this position: * Sit, stand, walk and periodically climb, stoop, or kneel. * Lift 10 pounds regularly and periodically up to 50 pounds. * Listen, talk and view written and spoken instructions; record and interpret materials and guidance. * Drive and transport items for events. ORDER OF AUTHORITY The Executive Director reports to the Chairman and/or to the Chamber Board. ADDITIONAL DUTIES Additional duties may be assigned by the Board of Directors. COMPENSATION Monthly salary for the first 6 months of employment shall be $2,950 at which time, based on successful performance, shall be increased to $3,333 per month. The position is considered managerial and shall be exempt from overtime. Qualified applicants should submit cover letter, resume and references to info@battlegroundchamber.org with ''Executive Director'' in the subject line, or mail to: Battle Ground Chamber of Commerce 2210 W. Main St, Suite 110 Battle Ground, WA 98604
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